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Eco Green Compostable Biodegradable Vegware cutlery CPLA PLA


Our plant-based cutlery is sleek, strong, and sturdy. Plus it's award-winning and compostable. And now, we've got wooden cutlery too! Also available in convenient kits.

White CPLA cutlery

A Vegware innovation! Certified compostable cutlery suitable for commercial food waste recycling. Sleek, stylish, and sturdy. A practical choice, off-white color with a matte finish. Perfect for hot or cold food.

Cutlery kits

Cutlery kits with a knife, fork, and spoon tother with a napkin, wrapped in a compostable bio film. Meal kit option includes salt and pepper too!


Cute eco teaspoons! Our tutti frutti ice cream spoons are perfect for cold treats. Our 4.5in teaspoon is made of 100% recycled plant-based RCPLA.

Wooden cutlery

Our new wooden cutlery range is sleek, stylish and sturdy. Great for hot or cold food.

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